Uganda Coat of Arms

The Uganda Coat of Arms is one of the national symbols of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. This national symbol was adopted on 9th October 2017 when Uganda attained its independence.

Ugandan Coat of ArmsWhat does the Ugandan Coat of Arms mean?

There are different elements that are displayed in the Uganda’s coat of arms. Here are the elements and what they represent;

  • Shield & Spears
  • Sun
  • Drum
  • Uganda Kob
  • Crested Crane
  • Water (Lakes & Rivers)
  • Mould and Vegetation
  • Motto

Bows and Spears

Standing in the green mould is a shield and two crossed spears. Before the coming of the British, the natives of Ugandans used spears and bows in wars. The spear was for attacking the enermy while the shield was for protection against the enermy spears or arrows. The spear and shield symbolizes our readiness to defend our motherland against all enemies.

The green symbolizes Uganda’s lust and green vegetation. Uganda is a green country and has very fertile soils. Even Uganda’s crops grow on their own.

The Uganda Kob

Supporting the shield are the Uganda kob. The Uganda kob represents symbolizes abundance of wildlife in the country.

Crested Crane

The crested crane Uganda’s National Bird. No wonder Uganda hosts over 1065 bird species.

Blue & White Stripes

Across the top of the shield are the waves of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake on earth. These waves represent the water bodies of Uganda. Uganda has many rivers and lakes including the Source of the Nile, the world’s longest river as well as the Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world.

The Sun

In the centre of the shield is the sun representing Uganda’s glorious sunny days.

The Drum

At the bottom of the shield is the traditional drum, used for dancing, ceremonial rituals and for summoning the people to rally.

Coffee and cotton

Uganda main’s cast crops are displayed on the green mound, together with the river Nile; the world’s longest river which starts its 8000km (5000 mile) journey in Uganda.

The Uganda Motto

The Uganda motto is “For God and my Country”.