About Uganda

Uganda, the pearl of Africa is a beautiful East African country gifted with its beautiful weather- the blue skies, sunshine and warmth of the country makes you enjoy each day of your stay.

For long Uganda been a resting place for many travelers during summer and winter and other occasions every year and still is for thousands or decades. Characterized with fascinating features such as water bodies and forests, Uganda is not only a preferred destination but also a solution for adventure. It attracts travelers from all walks of life including those interested in wildlife safaris, birding, primates adventures, cultural interested tourists and more.

Everything you would like to know about Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked country located in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa and lies astride the Equator, with a total area of about 241.039 square kilometers of which 43,942 square kilometers are covered by fresh water bodies and swamps.


Full name: Republic of Uganda
President : Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Population: 33.8 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: Kampala
Area: 241,038 sq km (93,072 sq miles)
Major languages: English (official), Swahili (official), Luganda, various Bantu and Nilotic languages
Major religions: Christianity, Islam
Life expectancy: 55 years (Men), 56 years (Women)
Monetary unit: 1 Ugandan shilling =100 cents
Main exports: coffee, fish and fish products, tea, tobacco, cotton, corn, beans, sesame
GNI per capita: US $ 460(World Bank, 2009)
Internet domain: .ug

Where is Uganda?

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. This beautiful country is located geographically and politically within East Africa. Located astride the Equator, Uganda is a landlocked country located between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. It shares its borders with five other countries; Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda The Pearl of Africa

Uganda earned the title of ‘The Pearl of Africa’ when Sir Winston Churchill visited the country on his East African safari. The country was given the name because of its immense beauty as well as its landscape and significant natural resources.

Uganda the Food Basket of East Africa

With fertile lands and regular rainfall almost 80% of Ugandans are farmers. With this advantage, Uganda is the food basket for the East African region. Uganda exports its food to its neighboring countries and some of its far neighbors. These include South Sudan, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Somalia etc.

Uganda, A Great Tourism Destination

Uganda is among the top 1o African safari holiday destinations. In 2016 Uganda was voted by the America’s Cable News Network (CNN) as the best destination to visit in the world. It was also ranked as top the tourist destination to visit in 2012 by the Lonely Planet.

There are many exciting attractions that bring tourists to Uganda. There are about 880 mountain gorillas left in the whole world and Uganda is glad to host almost half of the population. These great apes are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in South Western, Uganda.

More so, there are about 150,000 chimpanzees in Africa and a third of them are found in Uganda. In fact a significant number chimpazees across Africa are found in only 4 countries and Uganda is one of them. These chimpanzees are found in several protected areas; Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, etc.

When it comes to birding, Uganda is Africa’s best destination. There are over 1,000 bird species recorded in Uganda. It is even believed that some of the birds living in Uganda’s forests may not be classified as yet.

The story of the Uganda martyrs and their shrine built at Namugongo is a fascinating one. Thousands of people from East and Central Africa flock the shrine on 3rd June every year to honour the martyrs.

Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa to design her own car, the Kiira that was unveiled in 2011. The prototype was first designed by students at Makerere University and has since then undergone a couple of improvements and modifications.