Uganda Facts

Whatever facts you are tracking down about Uganda, you will it here:)

Official Name: Republic of Uganda
Capital: Kampala
Area: 236,580 sqm
Population: 32,369,558
GDP: $42.194 billion / Per capita: $1,226
Currency: Uganda Shillings (UGX)
Time Zone: EAT (UTC+3)
Internet TLD: .ug
Calling Code: +256

Geographical Facts

Location: Uganda is landlocked located in East Africa. It is bordered Rwanda and Tanzania to the south, Kenya to the east, South Sudan to the north and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) to the west.

Uganda has magnificent scenery, including snowcapped mountain, thick tropical forests and semidesert areas. Lakes cover more than a sixth of Uganda.

The capital is Kampala which is well worth a visit. Other interesting places to visit are Ssese Islands, Kasese, Entebbe and Kabale.


Ugandan Symbols
Our National Symbol

National Motto: For God and My Country

National Flag: The Uganda national flag is made up of 6 stripes. The 3 stripes have 3 coulours (Black Yellow and Red)

National Anthem

Official Animal: The Uganda Kob

Official Bird: The Crested Crane

Interesting Facts About Uganda
National Currency
National Language
Popular Holidays
‘National Sport’ …….. Football (Soccer to non-Europeans)
‘National Drink’……….Uganda Waragi