Going on a Self Guided Cultural Safari in Uganda


This was my second safari to Uganda, I last visited Uganda some 2 years ago with my family, and we spent 5 days on safari. My dad booked with a certain company called Gorilla Encounters and everything was arranged for us including transportation, accommodation and all the activities were arranged for us we enjoyed to the fullest and I was not satisfied because we had a short stay and we didn’t visit of the interesting places around especially within the city so my dreams was to come back again so that I can enjoy to the fullest and this time with my colleagues.

However this time I wanted everything to be arranged by us and we agreed to go on self-drive safari on a cultural experience in Uganda since all of us had already enjoyed adventure safari in the pearl of Africa. We all agreed to travel in March because some of our friends who had travelled in the same month advised us that since it’s a low season month for travelers, it will be possible for us to get the best deal on the car hire from a travel agency. By this month we were ready since we had saved enough for our safari.

I went to the internet and wrote Uganda self-drive and I was given very many options about different car hire companies in Uganda  and I wrote to many indicating our period of travel, the number of days and the car hire fleet, we were interested in a van/ supper custom because we were 5 people on the safari and we got  feedback from each company we wrote too with different prices and advise on which car we should use until when we booked with a car hiring company called car hire in Uganda  because their prices where a bit fair compared to many other car hire companies. Their staffs were quick in attending to our questions with advice on how best we will enjoy this breathtaking cultural safari and the best places we have to visit for a memorable experience since we wanted to learn more about the culture and people of Africa on this safari. Not only that but they also helped in advising us on the itinerary with the best sites to visit which are so rewarding and the accommodation. They offered us a supper custom at usd60 per day without a driver and fuel. It was a reason price compared too many other companies yet they were offering the same service, so I couldn’t wait booking with them.

After booking with them, they advised us to confirm the booking by paying a deposit on the money we were supposed to pay and then the rest of money were to paid upon the arrival at the at the airport, this was grate because many other companies were telling us to pay full amount to confirm the booking. We sent the deposit through the bank wire transfer and they sent us a proof that they have received the money.

On our arrival at the airport, we met Mr. Nsubuga at the airport waiting for us a placard reading my name. He welcomed and greeted us and he introduced to us the car we booked, it was very nice and everything we agreed upon was highly considered, the car was in good condition with working AC and it was well serviced. We paid the rest of the many and he gave us a receipt indicating that we have fully hired the car on a self-drive to Uganda; I gave him my photocopy of my driving permit was given to. We set off to Kampala (cassia lodge) were we had our overnight that very night.  We were so excited to drive around Kampala in our own car on self-drive. Indeed driving at your own pace in your convenience time is really a magnificent moment.

All of us new most of the routes in Kampala because it was not our first time to travel to Uganda, although we couldn’t hesitate to ask locals in case us were stuck. Prior to our safari, we were briefed about some of the routes and the road sighs/ instructions so we were very comfortable during our road trip.

On this day after breakfast at the lodge, we set off to the Uganda museum; here we were privileged to view different antique objects which portray the history of Ugandan culture. From here we continued to the Kasubi Tombs the burial place for over 4 Buganda kings (kabaka) I was fed with a lot informative information about the history of Buganda. The kasubi Tombs were burnt in 2013 they are still under reconstruction but soon to be finished. we were told that Buganda kingdom is the largest ethnic group in Uganda with the biggest  population and almost over 80% of people in the capital Kampala speak ‘’Luganda’’.  From here we enjoyed our lunch in Kampala Uganda’s capital and its largest city. we latter drove and visited the Bahi temple one of its kind in Kampala and later to the Gadhafi  Mosque, Kabaka’s palace It has a pleasant history and Luganda language is used by almost a half of the population in Kampala. Taking a visit to the kabaka palace was of a great pleasure since we learnt more about the Buganda kingdom, their history, and culture and how these people live, from here we concluded the day with a breathtaking entertainment from Indele troupes we enjoyed watching how Africans dance.  After, we went back to our pre-booked accommodation in Kampala.

On Day 2: We drove to Hoima district passing through the beautiful green vegetation and banana plantation along the way. We made a stopover at Mparo tombs. Mparo tombs are royal burial grounds for Bunyoro traditional kings we got more information about the place from the care takers. We had our dinner at African Village Guest House.

On the 3rd day of our safari we took a visit to Bujumbura cathedral after breakfast at the lodge and later to Bunyoro kingdom palace. In the afternoon after lunch, we were entertained by Entogoro cultural dance group and later we drove back to the lodge for an overnight. On the nest day we set off to the Toro kingdom Palace and Karambi tombs, and later in the afternoon we drive to the historical site of Amabeere ga Nyina mwiru caves and later we had our overnight stay at Mountain of the Moon,.

On the last day of the safari we walk up leisurely and enjoyed our breakfast at the lodge which followed with a transfer back to Kampala and later to the airport where we met Nsubuga waiting for us to return the car back to him. We did not get any mechanical problem during our road trip; we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted throughout our safari at our own pace. I therefore recommend all those who want to go for a Uganda self-drive safari to Use this company, contact them on info@carhireinuganda.com you will have the best a friendly price.


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