Road Tripping Uganda with Kids: 5 Fun Ideas

Road Tripping Uganda

If you are preparing for an upcoming trip or holiday adventure that involves many hours in the rental car with your small children, it’s important to be as prepared as possible, and even draw up a checklist of items you need to pack for the journey.

There are plenty of great ways to keep children entertained while in the rental car, as long as you take a little bit of time to get organized before you head off.

From the cool gadgets and interactive games to creative art supplies, there are many options to pick from that will help you keep your sanity while driving. Below are some tips to keep your kids entertained in the rental car.

Bring along some handy gadgets and car games for kids.

Most parents will agree that the invention of the in-car DVD has been a real blessing when it comes to road trips. Indeed, DVD players can be a sanity-saving device for long journeys, whether you have toddlers, youngsters or teenagers in the car. Pop on some animated movies or shows like The Wiggles to keep them entertained.

Other handy gadgets that you can bring are tablets and portable gaming consoles. Most children can happily spend hours playing games on their devices. Make sure you pack some headphones so won’t get distracted while driving your rental car.

Document the trip in a travel journal.

A creative way to keep a child’s mind and body occupied during a road trip is to get them making a travel journal. Before the trip, purchase a blank notebook and sketchbook that they can turn into a keepsake of their holiday. Come up with a list of topics that they can write about while away, including the sights seen along the drive. You can research some landmarks you’ll be driving past in transit to your destination and get them to draw each one they see, or create a list of items they can try and spot during the hours spent in the car and mark everything they see in a road trip planner.

Surprise your little one with a new activity book.

Another artistic outlet that can engage young children during a long car trip is working on a colouring-in, activity, or sticker book. Pack a stack of brand new books plus some colourful crayons, and only present them to your child once they’re in the car. This way they’ll be delighted by the novelty of the new gifts and will happily spend hours filling in the blanks and arranging their stickers. However, if your child is prone to car sickness, make sure that this reading and drawing time is spread out over the trip so that they don’t end up feeling ill.

Play interactive games as well.With the above, am sure the kids will not be bothered on your road trip in Uganda. We wish you a great trip full of fun and adventurous moments!


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