Things to Know When Renting a Car in Uganda

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After you have made a decision to travel to the pearl of Africa (Uganda) either on business, vacation or holiday and you have not decided whether or not to rent a car, here are the tips you need to know when you are renting a car.

When should I make the Car Rental Booking in Uganda?

A car can be rented as soon as possible. You need to bear in mind that there are some time when cars are simply unavailable most especially at the airport. This is mostly during when the tourism season is high, when there are large conferences and sporting events and many other events of the kind. In most cases you may wish not to arrive at the airport and have to seek rental desk. To book a rental car, is quite a simple process and guarantees that a car will be ready and waiting for you.

What are the first steps to be taken when renting a car?

As a client, you need to decide the type of car to rent. This may be Four Wheel or Sedan and this may be Manual or Automatic. You also need to consider the number of people traveling in the car. As soon as you select the type of vehicle you wish to rent or traveling in, you   will be required to obtain a quotation form from Uganda car hire or 4 by 4 car hire.

How do I evaluate Car Rental Quotations?

When renting a car in Uganda, most quotations give you the bare minimum details. Therefore, you need to check to see exactly what the quotation price includes. Usually, this price includes unlimited kilometers and other waivers.

Should I pay for the Rental car in Advance?

To be facilitated well, it is advised and recommended to pay an advance payment which is supposed to be a big portion/ a certain amount to allow you secure the rental car. This will enable us to arrange all the necessary requirements and equipment for the rental car. We do recommend that if possible, you pay all your rental fares in advance so as to secure the car you wish to use most especially in high seasons.

Does our Car rental services provide Country Wide Back-Up service?

In case you are travelling long distances, it is very important to rent a car with us because we offer country- wide assistance such that incase of any unforeseen occur which may be in form of breakdown or at worst accident, then you will need to have a peace of mind and this means that help is never too far away from you.

Which level of car Rental Insurance Cover is Necessary?

You should realize that a very high percentage of Rental companies and motorists do not have insurance cover for it is not compulsory and when you are renting the car of your dream, it is very important to understand that you should remain liable for the damages to the car irrespective of where the fault lies.

 Upon my arrival, what do i need to do when collecting the rented car?

You need to contact us for your booked car. You should make sure that you possess the following; you should have a driver’s license and this must have a photo and description in English, or must have an accompanying English translation in case it is in another language. Visitors from abroad, an international driver’s license is an option. You also need to have a passport; a credit card must not be a debit or cheque card. In case of any additional drivers must accompany you with their respective licenses and passports

In case you are having a car handed over, you need to check and ensure that every mark, scratch or imperfection is noted on the hand over sheet. This should be done when having the car handed over. You should check and ensure that every mark is noted on the hand over sheet. This includes chips on the windscreen. You should take    pictures if necessary. You should also tread on the tyres and also check that the spare tyre and the tools are there

When having the car handed over, check and ensure that every mark, scratch or imperfection is noted on the hand over sheet and this includes chips on the windscreen. Take pictures if necessary.  Check the tread on the tyres and also check that the spare tyre and the tools are there. Visitors do enjoy your exploration in Uganda with us. Contact us today for all your car hires services at


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