Renting a car Vs Public Transportation

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The most challenging side of planning a Uganda tour or any trip to any destination is not being decided whether to use a rental car or public transportation because all two means are always available to serve all kinds of travelers. But one essential question any traveler on Uganda safari should have answers is why a rental car and not public transportation? Car rental in Uganda has become one of the most preferred means to connect to different destination for a holiday and renter has so many benefits to enjoy than if he traveled on public transportation.

Here are some of the reason why you should rent a car for travels in Uganda over public transportation

Hundreds of car hire companies have registered to offer exceptional car rental services to all kinds travelers on Uganda safari. This presents clients with so many options to choose the best, reputable and reliable car rental agency to deal with. Remarkably, for the test of time, we have positioned ourselves as one of the premier car hire companies offering a distinct car hire service to visitors on safari in Uganda whether you are traveling as a group, couple, family or you are on a self-drive tour in Uganda.

We have wide range of rental cars suited to every traveler’s needs and you can choose from our comfortable Toyota Rav4, Safari Land Cruisers, Super Customs, Coaster buses, Mini Vans to mention but a few.

Comfort and safe

When you think of the best means to get you total comfort while ensuring your safety on the road then think not beyond car rental services in Uganda. It is true public transportation is relatively cheaper than car hire but your safety, comfort count a lot on Uganda safari holiday. With car hire, you don’t need to worry about being squeezed, getting dirty, noise or any irritating occurrences which might be a case with public transportation. We have variety of cars for hire with adequate space offering you room to have your legs stretched and your luggage packed safely.


If you are interested in self-drive tour in Uganda then forget about public transportation because different people have different travel needs. Ideally, there is no room for you to make a stopover to a tourist site of your choice like it is a case with self-drive rental cars. Car hire is advantageous in that you can choose the music of your choice or decide to make a stop to take a nap.

Self-drive trips

The best way to have enjoyable self-drive tour experience is by embarking on your road trip in a rental car. You stand a chance to enjoy your privacy, manage your trip, have fund which isn’t a case with public transportation where everyone is totally different.

You become your own chauffeur

Renting a car for a self-drive tour in Uganda lets you be the overall manager of your trip, driver of your own or alternatively, you can hire a car with an experienced driver who is familiar with the language in the different parts of the country to ease communication. This also allows you interact with new people making it an experience of its own.


Renting a car for Uganda safari comes with additional amenities like Global Positioning System to direct you throughout your trip, car jackets, camping gear, children car seats, spare tyre and many more.

Efficient and time saving

The disadvantage of public transportation is that you will face you challenging to reach your destination since most of them stop in town areas not in the remote areas where say national parks, reserves are located. The tourist sites are found some kilometers away requiring you again to rent a car something which might waste your time.

In summary, the best way to explore and experience Uganda is by embarking on a road trip in a rental car.


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