9 Things to Know When Planning Self Drive in Uganda


Planning to do some thing different in Africa? Go Self Drive Uganda and enjoy the pearl of Africa at your own pace! Nothing is very impressing and enjoyable like driving a car by your own in the streets of Uganda both up countries and city centre. He pride and confidence in you, Drive and stopping at your own pace really gives you courage to overtake though it’s not always advisable to do so according to the Uganda traffic rules however you can do so if necessary.

Privacy: Preferring it private and only exhale fresh air that comes in either from the window seals of the hired car or from the air conditioned system with the rented car from any of the Car rental agencies. This is something most car rental agencies like Auto Rental Agencies have mastered, they have most acquired Air conditioned vehicles for your ease and drive.

Reckless Drivers and chauffeurs. Something avoidable are the accidents that may be caused by reckless drivers who are either drunk or un-experienced on the road especially the long drives through the bumpy will not be guaranteed unless the car is a DMCs that will call for care full reading of the tips to be given by your trusted rental car in Uganda.

Take your time and search the internet: While in Uganda, There are so many car rental agencies to choose from in regards your self drive safari but the question lies on which legit company will provide the best and considerably affordable car. Beware of very catchy offers from some car rental agencies that may come up with extra costs on arrival like taxes and other services. Take your time

Carefulness: Self-drive agencies won’t be blamed by some one’s negligence and ignorance without careful considerations of the tips that should always be at customers’ fingertip which include;

Petrol palavers. It seems to be an obvious advice but normally forgotten by many so it’s the clients responsibility to make sure the petrol or the diesel palavers are full tanks in order to avoid un necessary stoppages to places distant refueling places

Pick the right ride .To feel the comfort and flexibility of the vehicle it’s always advised to choose the car that you are always familiar too. It might be an automated car or a manual car depending on your choice among the types of cars available at the site.

Keep stocked up. Most clients like to self-drive on high ways heading to up countries and disliking in the city due to traffic jam. The further they self- drive the are more likely not to find shops that really have their best choice so its advised to stock enough food staffs from the urban centers and other first aid kits just for emergency.

Mobile roamers. Since most clients are normally Foreign Non-residents, it’s advised to buy sim packs that have network in most areas of Uganda especially rural areas so as to keep communication with the rental agencies’ office in cases of emergency.

Lastly stay on the right track. Always makes sure that are you are provided with the compass directions and maps showing the main and feeder roads to where you are heading. If you are stuck on the road always keep on the main surfaced government roads and you can call back the rental car agency if necessary so as to enjoy your self-drive safari.

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