How to Choose A Tour Company For Your Uganda Travels


Choosing the right travel company is one of the ways of ensuring a successful Uganda safari. This is because you will be coordinating with the travel company and its staff to help you create a Uganda Safari experience that meets your expectations. This company that you have chosen will have to arrange logistical details, such as transportation to, from and within a selected destination; your accommodation and meals.

The company should be a licensed Ugandan tour operator. Remember there are more than 500 safari companies confined in Uganda and fewer than 200 of them are registered members of AUTO. With many tour operators simply putting logos of Uganda organizations claiming to be members with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), it is important to check the list of tour operators listed on the AUTO website. A member of AUTO works with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to market the gorilla trekking permits. It is also important to use a local tour operator registered as business in the country and licensed by established agencies such as the Uganda Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism.

Form of payment

Tour operators offer different ways of payments. It is common to transfer money via Bank Wire Transfers. With improving online transaction usage, credit cards are becoming usable in Uganda. PayPal payments are of limited usage given that Uganda paypal users cannot receive money via the system. Please note that if you are making a wire transfer, it is important to send the payment directly to a business account and not personal account. Travelers are advised not to send money through western union or money gram given that many fake impostors can use such services to scam travelers. Avoid sending credit card details to tour company through email given that most agencies use online credit card processing agents such as PesaPal, Xpress Pay etc. Cash is also allowed in most tour companies.

Compare the prices of tour operators

The cost for Ugandan safaris varies from company to company. Therefore before making your choice make sure that you take comparison and weigh which one offers the best prices with the best services, especially in areas of tourism activities, lodges, safari cars to mention but a few.

Also note that the different elements included in the tour package. Some companies also rate safari lodges differently.

Quick Response

Communication between client and tour operator is very vital for feedback. Most travelers who have never been to Uganda will have several questions requiring urgent answers especially on lodge description, tourism activities, insights, offers and many more. Usually, do not consider that a tour company with lowest cost isn’t that the best for your safari, you need a company that pays attention to details, replies visitors questions, and also understand the mindset of the visitor. In most cases tour operators focus on selling a safari and forget interacting with the clients.

Research the company’s Reputation

Always remember that there’s a risk when sending money to the safari company check their reputation before any transactions. Therefore, make sure that the safari company is recognizable by the government of that particular country. You might even face problems with your travel insurance if the tour operator is not registered. Registration also protects your money against disasters, as either your safari company or the government will reimburse back for example in the case of bankruptcy. You could also look for the memberships of safari associations. These memberships don’t necessarily guarantee the reputation, but the lack of them could indicate something. A reliable safari company should have an address in that country as well as stable ownership. Answering actively and profoundly to your questions gives proof of their level of customer service, which might guarantee the best possible experiences on a safari. This can also be based on social media platforms like Google+, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Active social media plat forms indicate that the company still exists and fully operating.

Activeness of the company

Before submitting your bookings, make sure that you check how often the tour company carries out safaris with in the country. This can be determined by checking out some reviews on trip advisers or from the past clients who received services from the same tour operator. If you put this into consideration, you will be able to tell if the tour operator is reliable and trust worthy.

Period in operation

Check to see how long the company has been operating. You will want to find a company that has a solid track record of providing excellent safaris, and the length of time that they have been in business is a good indicator of this. They will also be happy to work alongside you to create the safari of your dreams, and will do everything they can to ensure that you will have the best experience possible.

Finally, properly evaluate and compare travel programs. Ask your representative to review the itinerary with you day by day: How much travel time is involved getting from point A to point B? How many people will be in your group? Will you have direct access to wildlife areas? What specific accommodations and vehicles should you expect.

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