Who is Brig K Kayanja Muhanga?

Brig Kayanja Muhanga

Newly promoted Brig. Kayanja Muhanga is an elder brother of Musevenis Andrew Mwenda. Kaayanja went to Duhaga Secondary School and later Mpanga Day School in Fort Portal. It was during his S.5 at Mpanga around August 1985 that he joined the NRA in Fort Portal. He was posted to the newly created Military Police at the NRA headquarters at Rukoki sub-county in Kasese. Upon the NRA taking over power in January 1986 Kayanja was sent to the PPU as an ordinary soldier. Around 1988 when he was axed from the PPU he found the going tough and he deserted the army.

Around 1988 he privately went to Kabamba training school with the intention of convincing his friend Capt Moses Kintu who was based at Kabamba to fix him in the nominations from Kabamba for the imminent Cadet Officers training in Jinja. The mission did not succeed and Kayanja together with his colleague quietly left Kabamba for Kampala. Somehow in Kampala he succeeded in being included on the Officer Cadet Training and he attended the course at Jinja with among others Rwandas Gen James Kabarebe. He graduated as a commissioned officer and was posted together with a squad of about 30 other officers under the office of the Chief of Combat Operations (CCO). They were specifically concerned with the logistical backing to the SPLA in Sudan. Around 1990 the entire said squad was transferred to the then DMI at Basiima House.

At DMI Kayanja served under Combat Intelligence department then headed by John Kasaija. Kayanja was not all that active since he had no prior experience in intelligence. He was kind of redundant. Around 1993, Kayanja was posted to the Casuality Unit in Mubende as the Intelligence Officer. His brother then Lt. Baguma was the DISO of Mubende district. Kayanja ganged up with the Commanding Officer Capt Muhanguzi and they made alot of money through supply of air, flimsy payments, shoddy deals and inflated payrolls. He constructed a posh house over looking the Fort Portal stage along the highway in Mubende town.

Around 1987 Kayanja had been withdrawn from Mubende and was redundant in Kampala. He was posted to the north where the conditions were worse and he absconded. He attempted to leave the army. He went to Mbuya Military Hospital and feigned AIDS so that he is discharged on medical grounds. He was put on the list of patients and qualified for the necessary entitlements. He tried to register for a Diploma in Law course at the LDC so that he could benefit from the study leave.

Luck struck when Brig. Mayombo was posted to CMI and Kayanja was assigned to head the notorious JATT. His prominence came to public notice when he spearheaded the manhandling of Col Besigye at Entebbe Airport during the Maj. Rabwoni fracas. However, he ran out of luck when he was implicated in gross human rights abuses and extortions under JATT. Most embarrassing was fact that he was directly implicated in colluding with notorious city robbers. Kayanja was simply relieved of duties at head of JATT and thanks to his brother Andrew Mwenda who played a vital role in covering up the embarrassing story.

By that time he had become a Capt and was later promoted to Major and then came the Somali Mission. In Somali he must have made a lot of money as is the norm. Its after the Somali Mission that he was posted to the Military Police as the Commanding Officer. Its not anyone who can be deployed to command the Military Police because its part of the SFG. Thanks to the patronage of his brother Andrew Mwenda.

Brigadier Kayanja is neither an experienced fighter nor a good commander. He is fond of womanising, boozing, love of money and eating. There is no doubt there are other distinguished commanders who excelled in the current Sudan operation and Kayanja is credited for being the one with the political clearance. However, because of his family background, he has the required political clarity that is needed to be able to take sensitive command assignments in Museveni’s army.



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