There is Nothing Wrong with Tribalism – Betty Kamya

Betty Kamya

1.THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TRIBALISM: ‘Most people, left on their own, have simple tribal hearts….. Lions, buffaloes, elephants and birds hang out with and look out for their own. If you want to see the wrath of a baboon, knock one as you drive through Busitema. Hit a dog and no baboon will notice!’-Beti Olive Kamya, then MP, Lubaga North and a member of UAH

2.Thursday, 6 March 2008.Parliament met at 2.33 p.m. in Parliament House, Kampala .:
MS KAMYA: ”One honourable Karimojong promised to -(Laughter)- I am saying it in good faith. What is wrong with being an honourable Karimojong? I think it is perfectly honourable to be an honourable Karimojong as it is honourable to be an honourable Muganda. There is no problem –

THE SPEAKER: Hon. Kamya, you should refer to a Member or constituency so and so or by name, rather than his tribe.

MS KAMYA: Thank you, Mr Speaker. Okay,……………….

”I do remember that session in Parliament and I was completely taken aback when MPs laughed and the Hon Member from Karamoja took offense because (i) sitting together on the agricultural committee, we had developed a fairly codial and easy relationship, we joked and teased each other on Karamoja and Buganda, so my statement was made in that spirit – in reference to his threat on the floor of parliament that the people of K’ja were going to take certain action against something that displeased them.

I have often been teased by friends on account of Baganda (perceived?) dishonesty and slyness, I have been teased by Catholic friends on Protestants(I subscribe to Church of Uganda denomination) (perceived?) dishonesty, and I have often been teased about the Kikuyus (my Mother is a kikuyu) (perceived?) love of money over anything else – but I always take the jokes in the spirit in which they are delivered. My statement in parliament was really meant to be a light note, don’ read more than that it in.”

member of UAH


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