Night Game Drives Introduced in Uganda


Night game drives are so important to the safari tourists who come to Uganda to enjoy wildlife tours; these can be carried out in two national parks of the country. These were launched by Uganda Wildlife Authority and the main aim of the initiative was to enhance visitor’s experience at the park for a unique and wonderful game drive. This move of the night game drives will help in generating revenue to the government and also help in enabling the safari tourists to view rare nocturnal wildlife species which are had to see during the day game drives.

The initiative was embraced by King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Solomon Iguru as a sign of acceptance and he also experienced a long awaited programme. The cars to carry out night game drives were bought and they are expected to carry a maximum of 8 visitors. The cars are also open roofed and covered to provide protection to the tourists who engage in the activity. The activity is also expected to extend many other national parks including; Kidepo National park and Lake Mburo National Park.

During the night life game drive, the tourists are able to view many animals including; the antelopes, elephants, wild rats, elephants, kobs, buffalos and many other mammals which are found within the park, there are also many other animals which can be spotted during the drive and these include; leopards, hyenas, civerts, porcupines, hippos, bush babies, reptiles and the night jars. These have greatly made the safaris in Uganda more interesting hence increasing revenues.

The safari tourists will also experience a magnificent sun downer before driven to the designated view or the picnic points. These game drives also start 8:00pm and expected to end at 10pm. Bookings of these night game drives can be done at UWA headquarters and the park offices. The fees for the night game drives cost $40 and $30 for the day game drives.

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