5 Delicious Foods You Must Try in Uganda


Like any new destination, undertaking a safari to Uganda means that you will need to eat something to make your journey complete and there is nothing amazing as trying one of Uganda’s most mouth watery foods in one of the best restaurants or hotels and then you proceed with your safari or rather you retire for the night. Food contributes a lot more when it comes to visitors’ safari experiences and a fact that we can’t stay on empty stomach throughout the road trip. A safari in Uganda is only considered complete when you have tried its delicious local dishes! When you check in most of the restaurants and hotels, you won’t be left out yearning as they provide most of Uganda’s local cuisines at pocket-friendly prices. Some of the mouth watery foods that are worth trying out while you are on your vacation in the pearl of Africa include;


Also locally known as Oluwombo, Luwombo is one of the best traditional cuisines that Uganda offers to its visitors on African safaris. It comes in both a royal dish and a fairly usual dish prepared during vacations. Luwombo originated way back in 1887 and it was initiated by Kabaka Mwanga a famous Buganda King who governed the Buganda Kingdom in the 19th century. This kind of local cuisine comprises of beef/chicken plus vegetables especially potatoes and carrots covered in banana leaves and well steamed to its best with the actual amount of salt, oil, and spices. Luwombo features as a special meal based on so many reasons some of which include the manner it is presented before clients, covered by leaves as if it is a gift. For some other categories, smoked fish is also included in the chicken or beef.

TV chicken

This isn’t the real television. But ask yourself why is it called TV chicken? This local dish derived its name based on the way it is prepared. The chicken is roasted in a make-shift rotisserie oven which to most of the local residents takes the shape of the television. It is a very famous meal and it is accessible nearly across Uganda especially around the street-side vendors. The chicken is well prepared and offered to clients with home fries and salad and the best places to find this includes areas like Wandegeya, Ntinda shopping centre, and many more.


This is derived from the Kiswahili word Choma denoting Muchomo and it includes chicken gizzards, pork plus lots of things that are fixed in between. This is one of the easiest foods to find in Uganda. Its meat is usually accompanied by gonja that is roasted sweet plantains and this can also be enjoyed as a snack.

Groundnut source

Almost all Ugandan cuisines are served with groundnut sources and this comes with a reason. Groundnut source comes with a creamy paste made from sweet red peanuts and serves with meals as condiments. In some other areas in East Africa especially in western Kenya, groundnut source is eaten on its own as a soup. In the pearl of Africa, groundnut source comes along with potatoes, cassava, matooke as well as roasted fish.


Katogo is traditionally enjoyed as breakfast but it can be enjoyed at any time.  It is fried plantains with soup and includes beans, beef or offals and they are offered with traditional vegetables. It comes with a strong aroma that welcomes clients as soon as they reach restaurant premises.

In conclusion, Uganda isn’t only recognized for its incredible wildlife encounters, but also for its delicious traditional and locally made dishes. For travelers who are planning to undertake a safari to Uganda, a taste of one of the above foods will certainly reward you with unforgettable experiences of a lifetime.


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