Who are the Abanyala?


Who are the Abanyala?This question has been asked by forumists on The Monitor of December 30, 2013. Attempts to answer it have been blocked by the moderator. However, the answer is found in three books;
a)The History of Buruuli/Bunyala, b) Semei Rwakirenzikakungulu and the Making of Uganda, c) A Community of Strangers, A Journal; A History book of Bunyala of Kayunga, By A.F. Robertson Professor of History at London University, published by Scholar Press of London.

The Abanyala are the indigenous citizens of Bunyala(Bugerere). They have been living there for millions of years. When the Anglo=Ganda colonial forces defeated Kabaleega this county, Bunyala(Bugerere) was one of the seven lost counties which were donated to Buganda to thank Baganda for having betrayed Africa and sided with the British colonisers

When the Lost Counties were donated to Buganda, Baganda settlers, colonisers poured into these counties in millions to enforce their colonisation thus outnumbering the indigenous Banyala. That is why today Baganda keep saying, THOSE BANYALA ARE VERY FEW.

When the 1964 Referendum was being held it was staged in only two of the Lost Counties, Buyaga and Bugangaizi, leaving out the other five, Buruuli, Buheekura, Rugonjo (Singo), Bulemeezi and Bunyala.

The nationalism of the indigenous people of Buruuli, Bunyala, Kooki, etc. cannot be killed. Hence the people of Buruuli , Bunyala, have applied the Uganda Constitution to demand and seceed from Buganda without firing a single shot Hence the establishment of the kingdoms of Buruuli and Bunyala..

However, members of this forum whom I respect as scholars, should read those books which are available in all of Uganda’s good libraries and bookshops.

I don’t expect people to choose to remain ignorant when information is available in books. But there is a widely known saying amongst the Uganda educated class which goes,” If you want to hide something from a Ugandan put it in a book.” He will miss it because Ugandans do not have a reading culture.

Henry Ford Mirima


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