20 Reasons Why I Love Uganda

Why I love Uganda

Uganda’s natural sheer beauty and hospitality makes it stand out from the crowd to be the pearl of Africa, everything about Uganda is exceptional good, the country is safe from civil unrests unlike the neighbors which give more peace of mind and comfort to visit Uganda. Here are more reasons why I love Uganda

  • Home to endangered mountain gorillas

Uganda is not an ordinary destination. It is one of the only three countries where mountain gorillas live in the whole world. Of the estimated 1000 mountain gorillas left in the whole world, about 420 mountain gorillas call Uganda their mother land! You can visit these amazing rare apes on an organized gorilla safari to Bwindi forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in south western Uganda.

  • Hospitable people

Uganda takes the crown of being hospitable and loyal, their friendliness and warm smile is welcoming and they care so much to help. A Ugandan will never bypass without a greeting or uttering a word like “Gyebaleko” literally meaning well done.

  • Favorable climate

The equator cuts through Uganda, leaving the country with a good climate.in Uganda even if rains, there will be sunshine shortly and the temperatures are cool and conducive too.

  • Fresh food

Uganda has fertile soils and tropical rain fall, fresh vegetable and fruits are a guarantee. Enjoy the local dishes too like oluwombo, grasshoppers, Rolex a delicacy on the street market

  • Birding destination

The pearl of Africa has a record of 1,008 bird species at different transitional locations including endangered species and the rift valley endemics. Some of the bird species include the rare shoe bill stork, grey crowned crane, African grey parrot, Great blue turaco, Ross’s turaco, Eastern grey plantain-eater, African emerald cuckoo, Coucals. For the bird lovers you have all the reasons to love Uganda.

  • Ease access

Uganda is a land locked country connected to the World through a number of International Airlines which ease travel means, you can alternatively arrive among other east African countries and cross borders by road transport for another experience.

  • Plenty of wild life

Up to 10% of Uganda’s total land is covered by national parks and game reserves where you will find the big five mammals like lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants, rhinos. Other wildlife includes giraffes, jackals, warthogs, chimps, mountain gorillas, primates and birds.

  • Home of primates

Uganda has over 5000 total number of primates and over 10 species these include; chimps, l’hoest monkeys, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, patas monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, olive baboon and many others.

  • Political stability

Uganda is enjoying time of peace and people are liberal respecting each other, this gives tourist much comfort to come explore Uganda.

  • Gifts of nature

By nature Uganda is gifted look at the snowcapped mountain Rwenzori, lakes and rivers, hot springs in kitagata and water falls like sipi falls, Murchison falls to mention but a few.

  • Adrenaline adventures

The source of the Nile originates in Uganda flowing to Egypt up to Mediterranean Sea. At the source of the Nile is where your adrenaline goes high with it’s a grade 5 white water rafting and bungee jumping. While here you can also enjoy other activities like quad biking, horse riding and mountain biking.

  • Cultural diversity

There are more than 50 ethnic tribes in Uganda from the East, North, West and South. You will also find more than 50 spoken languages offering authentic enjoyable experiences.


Test your hiking skills with Uganda’s mountains. Rwenzori Mountain is the highest mountain with its highest peak at margarita. You can also hike Mount Elgon, one of the oldest volcanic mountains with its highest peak at wagagai.

  • Forest

For the love of botany, Uganda has numerous forests like Mabira forest, Kariju forest, Budogo forest, 1,000 flowering plant species and almost 200 different types of trees. The forests are diverse and you will also find primates and different bird species.

  • Affordable costs of living

Among all the east African countries, Uganda is considered to be the cheapest in terms of cost of living. Food is plenty and cheap, houses for rent are cheaper compared to the neighboring countries.

  • Source of Lake Victoria

The largest water body in Africa is in Uganda with so many islands for a get a way, sand beaches to relax on the fresh cool breeze from the lake.

  • Cheap means of transport

In Uganda you can never get stranded on the road, cheap means of transport less 1 dollar shilling will take you to your nearest destination. Bodabodas are also quick means of transport at rush hour during jam. Remember to wear your helmet!

  • Coffee

Uganda grows some of the best coffee in the world – you can testify to this once you visit and taste it.

  • Safaris

Uganda offers the best safari game drives in its national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison national park, Kidepo national park where you will stop amazing wild life in the savannah wood lands.

  • Kampala city

Kampala city is relatively calm and being the capital city you will find a lot to explore. These include temples, cathedrals, markets, galleries, areas of historical significance, and museums. You can also enjoy many different markets selling a variety of produce, clothing, and crafts.


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