5 Most Popular Cars for Wedding in Uganda

Bridal Cars in Uganda

To have a perfect wedding, you will have to  use good cars in very good conditions. The is the most outstanding thing to consider for you to have a perfect wedding in Uganda. In Uganda, the most beautiful cars for wedding you can think of using include; Classic wedding cars, Vintage cars and Sports cars. In Uganda, most of the wedding cars do not only transport your convoy but act as statement of your true style and preference.

Getting the perfect car makes your wedding day a success or ruin it, the experience you get when being driven to the ceremony in classy luxury car will make you feel like a King & Queen on a way to a castle. There are a variety of bridal cars to choose from and below are the three types that ideal for a wedding in Kampala city or any district within Uganda.

Classic wedding cars have been regarded as popular luxury cars will light up any event given their eye-catching exterior and that’s why classic cars. Cars which fall under this category are Limousine, Mercedes Benz models, latest Land Cruiser series, Jaguars, Chryslers are some of the most popular cars for hire on weddings in Uganda. All these types of cars are readily available in Uganda and it will depend on when you wish to obtain the car of course at a price. They are abit expensive as compared to the safari cars. This means that when you are going to use this car, you me having the ability and capability of using it. They will be given to you without fuel but with a drive and usually the owners do not want you to drive them up country. They are restricted to be driven within town and not outside town. They will be offered to you when they are ready and well decorated just awaiting for your use. The decoration is composed of champagne, flowers and romantic songs to keep you entertained through the whole trip to and from the reception and church.

You can book a classic wedding car with Uganda Car Rental, a local agency based in Kampala, Uganda.

There are also the vintage cars. These are considered as old classic vintage cars and will greatly surprised any crowd in within the country. When you are driving this car, you will be accorded right of way by other drivers who will be driving along the same route. The types found in Uganda are very unique exterior, colours and the fact that they are very rare cars which are had to find. They are regarded as old school cars and if you have been in old school time, then these are the cars you cannot afford to miss. This old school car accommodates up to 4 people plus a drive. All these are accommodating when they are comfortably seated and they have been regarded as the one the best cars for transportation when you are in the country for a wedding most especially for the bride and the groom.

The sports car in another very awesome car you can think of using when you in Uganda for a wedding. They are good you are a lover of sports, these cars have been used in movies and music videos by celebrities, the stylish sport cars will give you that grand star entrance you have always dreamt about.  The cars which fall in this category include; the megan convertible, Ferrari, Hummer, Peugeot can all be hired affordable rates along with a chauffeur. Whatever wedding car you choose to book, remember to get one that fits your personality as well as party theme to make you special day even more memorable.


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