4X4 Cars for Hire

Uganda Car Hire Fleet Guide

Enjoy a comfortable Uganda safari holiday only using one our classic rental cars in Uganda and you definitely won’t regret! Traveling in Uganda is...
Car Rental in Uganda

Saloon Car Rentals in Uganda

Searching for that one excellent and compact car to rent in Uganda and you are not sure of which one is the best? Well,...
Why I love Uganda

20 Reasons Why I Love Uganda

Uganda’s natural sheer beauty and hospitality makes it stand out from the crowd to be the pearl of Africa, everything about Uganda is exceptional...
Game Drive in Uganda

Guided Safaris Vs Self Drive Tours in Uganda

Uganda is popular not only for its most stunning mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park but also for its...
White Water Rafting in Jinja

The 5 Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Uganda

Many people want vacations where you eat, drink and relax, and other times they look for a little more adventure to challenge their life....
Family Travel in Uganda

A Hassle Free Holiday in Uganda with Kids

When making holiday plans, what you don’t want to think about is your kids throwing a tantrum or causing a scene in an idyllic...
Road Tripping Uganda

Road Tripping Uganda with Kids: 5 Fun Ideas

If you are preparing for an upcoming trip or holiday adventure that involves many hours in the rental car with your small children, it’s...

Visiting Uganda? A Uganda Safari Awaits You

Travelers all the world always go to Uganda for an unusual wildlife viewing opportunities. Uganda is a small country located astride the Equator, a...
Self Drive Safari

Travel Through East Africa on a Self Drive Tour

Guiding yourself through the most rewarding part of Africa makes a tremendous vacation for any African visitor. East Africa gives you a full highlight...
Gorilla Permits

Save on Gorilla Trekking Permits in Uganda

Planning to travel on a small budget for gorilla trekking?, the low season period is the best period to consider for your life time...
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