Charles Mbire

Uganda’s Legendary Millionaires Revealed

Today, we reveal Uganda's legendary millionaires who keep a huge fortune. 1. Godfrey Kirumira Of the famous Kirumira Towers. He insists that he is no tycoon....
Museveni Yoweri Quotes

Interesting quotes of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

1. In an address to the mourners at the burial of NRA/UPDF commander Brig Chefe Ali, at Burungi, Kazo, in Mbarara district, President Museveni’s...

Why Ugandans love Bazungu(Westerners)?

I was recently working on a small project with a Mzungu(white) lady when the power went off. The lady having recently arrived from Europe...

Is banyarwanda a tribe in Uganda constitution?

Why don’t you push for an ammendment to the constitution? You really must have missed out in the whole exercise of the review of the 1995...
Why I love Uganda

20 Reasons Why I Love Uganda

Uganda’s natural sheer beauty and hospitality makes it stand out from the crowd to be the pearl of Africa, everything about Uganda is exceptional...
Bridal Cars in Uganda

5 Most Popular Cars for Wedding in Uganda

To have a perfect wedding, you will have to  use good cars in very good conditions. The is the most outstanding thing to consider...
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