5 Reasons Why You Should Use Chauffeur Driven Services in Uganda


In most cases, tourists prefer self-drive safaris or driving themselves around destinations in Uganda but hiring a chauffeur is always a good idea and you will understand the reasons why after reading through this detailed article. Uganda is popular for its lovely climate, phenomenal landscapes, spectacular national parks as well as friendly people who will make your stay in this country comfortable and memorable.

With all the beauty of the country but traffic jam within Kampala City and yet you wouldn’t wish to get stuck. You may not know all the shortcuts within Kampala City thus you may need to hire a chauffeur to be able to maneuver through the hectic traffic jam within the City without much difficulty. Therefore, the following are the genuine reasons you won’t regret hiring a Chauffeur during your safari in Uganda;

Most of the drivers have more idea of the country than you do

It is very obvious that the Chauffeurs have wide knowledge about the country, its spectacular attractions, perfect entertainment spots as well as routes to reach the destinations you wish to reach during Uganda safaris. While using a driver, you will not need a Map or GPS because he/she will be the map and GPS to the places you wish to explore.

You won’t have to worry about driving

Once you hire a chauffeur, all you have to do is sit and relax as you are being taken to your destination. You will not have to worry about finding your way around, how to beat traffic jam or maneuver through the city and how to use the road with other awful and careless road users especially the motorists, locally known as boda boda. All that will be catered for by your experienced driver. Don’t even worry about mechanical breakdowns or how to solve them once they arise because most of them have equipments and have knowledge on solving such minor mechanical problems.

Not only that, you can be able to do other things such as online chatting, making phone calls and checking your email when being driven thus you don’t have to worry about driving.

They are certified and well trained drivers

Most of these drivers are certified and well trained people who are very experienced in road trips within the country because most of them are very familiar with the routes, customer car, defensive driving, vehicle mechanics, International highway code, skills on road signs, good communication and safety as well as traffic rules of Uganda. Therefore hiring a chauffeur means hiring someone with all the mentioned skills. Besides that, they have enough experience in their work because most of them have done it for years thus know the different destinations and road networks, slippery and muddy routes, sharp corners, black spots and rock points.

You will be able to use the same driver throughout the whole safari

Using a Chauffeur means you will be using the same driver throughout the trip and because of the experience and passion for their job, they drive without interchanging in-between the journey thus you will be very secure and comfortable in your trip. However, rare cases of changing drivers happens in case of injury or sickness in the middle of the journey.

Hiring a chauffeur is better than public taxis

Taking a trip with a hired car that is chauffeur driven is far more comfortable than using the usual public taxis because the cars are very comfortable, well maintained and have air-conditioning so that you enjoy a peaceful trip during safari. Therefore instead of opting for public transport means, you would rather go for a car rental company with good services.

They are flexible with your needs thus you can also do other things not in the itinerary

Most Chauffeur drivers are trained to be flexible to meet the needs and preferences of the clients. They have passion in their work and are very welcoming and friendly thus you will be able to inquire about anything you are not sure of. Interestingly, these drivers are flexible for tailor-made itineraries according to the requests of clients.

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