5 Reasons Why Renting a Car is Cheaper


In most cases, getting a ride or drive is the first thing that someone needs to consider when planning to visit Uganda for any kind of activity-vacation/holiday or work related. Due to the long distance from Kampala to various destinations, unfavorable weather conditions and improved infrastructures inform of roads, driving is also the fastest and cheapest way to get around this country. Much as some tourists opt for purchase their own cars (especially if staying longer or actually settling), most of them are going for car hire services in Uganda.

Sometimes, it is better to hire a car during Uganda safaris than buying if at all you are staying longer and here are the reasons;

  1. Buying your own car is always an expensive option

It is obvious that it is always cheaper to hire a car than buying it each time you are in Uganda for a safari. This allows you to save money for other expenses and explore more activities and book for more comfortable accommodation facility while on the Uganda safaris.

2. You can be able to drive your dream car even when it’s too expensive to afford

We all have dream cars yet are sometimes very expensive to afford but you can actually hire the same car and drive it, in the end feel fulfilled for driving your dream car. Whichever your dream car is, you can actually be able to drive it before you die by hiring it during the safari.

3. Public transport means are too slow or too costly

Firstly, public transport means are always not flexible thus you wouldn’t wish to use and secondly are also too expensive and sometimes too slow. Therefore, the best you can do is to hire some of the comfortable yet faster 4 WD vehicles during Uganda safaris.

4. You won’t incur overhead costs and parking fees when you leave country

The car you have rented/hired can be returned back to the car hire or tour and travel company after the rental period and your deal is done but if you had bought, you will be forced to pay parking fees for the period you will be gone which is expensive in the long run thus it is a perfect idea to hire a car for the time you are in Uganda. Otherwise, the best option would be to sell the car when leaving if you feel it will be expensive and in-affordable to pay the fees.

5. You can be able to drive anywhere you wish

Buying a 4WD vehicle that goes to all destinations in Uganda with different terrains is better than buying a saloon car that cannot be able to reach some places especially the murram roads that become muddy during rainy seasons.

In conclusion, renting a car for your travels is cheaper because public transport means are costly and slower, you can drive to any part of Uganda you wish, you can actually drive your dream car even when it’s expensive to purchase and you will not be required to pay parking fees when leaving the country after the safari.

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