10 Ways Ugandans Can Find Cheap Flights In 2018

How Ugandans Can Save on Flights

You are probably planning to undertake a trip but worried about expensive tickets which are undeniably painful for every traveler because you are actually spending your little yet hard-earned money and wouldn’t wish to waste it thus the reason we all wish to know some of the ways of saving on tickets or getting cheaper ones.

Most airlines offer some good deals and packages for destinations but then, you will need to know about such opportunities so as to save money. Surprisingly, good and discounted deals usually appear on computer screens but travelers normally ignore them or seem not to be interested but when you check after some time, you will discover that the rates have increased/gone higher than the previous time.

You will notice that most Ugandans don’t actually travel outside the country because of the expensive flight tickets thus making their dreams (of visiting dream destinations for studies) shuttered thus the following are the simple ways you can actually save some money on flight tickets;

Avoid special dates/days

Usually, the flight rates for special dates are higher than other normal dates thus you should always avoid them if you wish to save more money on flight tickets for your safari. For instance, the beginning of winter and the first five Fridays of Summer are not good dates when it comes to booking flights.

Always do research or search for better/cheaper rates before booking

Don’t just inquire from one airline but rather search from others too, because in most cases, they charge different rates for their flights. Therefore, make sure you search for more than one booking provider before comparing rates of the service providers then choosing the best deal.  Don’t worry; the market is always full of better options hence it’s your duty to grab any opp0rtunities of better rates so as to save more money on flight tickets.

Opt for the indirect flights

If you have plenty of time and not in a hurry, opt for the indirect flight because in most cases charge less for them as compared to the direct flights. Much as it will consume a lot of your time, in the end you will be able to save more money on flight tickets.

Buy tickets/book earlier

This is very crucial during the peak season but remember that last minute bookings may also cost you a great deal of money. In most cases, the carrier ticket costs usually go high in the two weeks of previously flying thus if you are preparing to travel, make the bookings before the due date.

Utilize more than one search Engine

If you are planning to buy tickets, always inquire from more than one booking agent then compare their prices then choose the best one.

Book on Sundays

It is an obvious thing that most people like traveling on Fridays thus making the ticket prices to go high on Friday and Saturday, so the best time to travel or book a ticket is on Sunday to save more money (up to 30%) on flight tickets.

Take advantage of the hotel discounts that are offered

Most booking agents or websites not only offer great deals on saving money on flight tickets but also wonderful discounts for most hotels thus you can have a real budget safari that includes flights as well as accommodation inform of hotels and hostels.  Therefore, you should look out for the service providers that also offer packages for hotels as well.

Always avoid hidden charges

Hidden charges are definitely an addition to your flight ticket cost thus make sure to choose a service that doesn’t have any hidden charges to allow you save more on flight tickets during your trip

Clear browsing history

It is said that when you visit a ticket booking site for more than once, you will notice that the prices for the same tickets are higher than the previous time since your cookies show that you already have visited the site thus to avoid such occurrences, make sure to always clear the browsing history before you consider buying the ticket.

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