How to Avoid Accidents While Driving a Rental Car


Taking a self guided tour in a new destination like Uganda is ideally interesting and adventurous but requires you to be keen and extra careful while on road trip. The road conditions in Uganda may not be of European standard and adequate knowledge is required if you are planning to drive on Uganda’s roads and also observe traffic rules and regulations at all times. With many accidents and damages being reported on Ugandan road, it is important to pay attention to some of the things that may lead to such nasty incidents. Here are some useful tips in which you can reduce the rate at which they happen and that said, we have provided some of the tips below;

Do not over speed on Road

The recommended speed limit for you to drive in Uganda is 80 kilometers per hour while you are on highways, 50 kilometers per hours in urban areas and less while you are in national parks as well as other protected areas where safaris are conducted each day. Make sure that you pay maximum attention to road signs where speed limits are provided. Over speeding isn’t safe and it features as one of the main causes of road accidents Africa and the world at large. When you in a high gear, you won’t be in position to control the car and at the end of it, you will cause road accidents.

Never Drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs cause brain impairment and you end up losing sense of judgment especially when it comes to controlling the car. Make sure that you drive when you have not taken any alcohol to allow your brain function well while on road trip. You can bump into a sharp corner abruptly and when you are drunk, you won’t be in position to turn and this may lead into road accidents.

Be Focused while Driving

Try as much as you can not to do anything which takes your attention off the road for instance avoid using gadgets such as telephone or computer as well as grooming as commonly done by lovers. This is risking your life on the road and at end, you will bump into another car or road users which may cost you.

Do not overtake in a corner

Whereas overtaking is a common practice, it is advisable that you do not do it while in a corner. There are sharp corners and another car might be also coming from ahead of you and you will end up crashing on one another. In most cases, you will come across most of black points marked on the road and if you want to overtake, make sure that you first reach to clear road and alert the car ahead of you that you intend to overtake.

Don’t drive for longer hours

Long distant driving is characterized by fatigue and it can lead to loss of focus and in most cases you can sleep off while on steering wheel. It is recommended that you first drive for short distance and have a rest prior proceeding.

As well, we do not recommend you to embark on your trip at night whether you are first time travelers or repeat visitors in Uganda. Given the kind of road conditions in this country, driving at night may not be safe for you.

Check the car rental thoroughly

Prior embarking on your actual trip to Uganda’s remotest protected areas for your vacation, make sure that the car that you intend to use is thoroughly checked both its physical and mechanical conditions. Ensure that all the fluids such as oil hydraulics, water and fuel are at their perfect level and also check if the brakes, transmission box and lights. If the rented car is not in its better state, higher chances are, it can break down at anytime when you are still on a self drive holiday in Uganda and this can spoil all your plans.

In conclusion, there are very many ways that can help you avoid road accidents and damages and with the above listed tips, we believe that you will have the most enjoyable road trip with our self drive cars in Uganda.

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