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If it’s Ugandan, it’s going to be special! Welcome to the insider’s guide to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. The “Uganda at Heart” website aims sharing our ‘insider’ information, tips and experiences. Are you a Ugandan who would like to learn all about the land of your ancestors? Or perhaps you’re avisitor planning a trip and want to know more about the places you can visit and the things you ‘just have to’ see. You can do all that here.

About Uganda

Welcoming Nation, friendly people, stunning scenery, prolific wildlife, interesting flora and fauna, rich traditions, old African kingdoms and chiefdoms…. our Uganda is such a magical destination that’s unique and captivating.

Uganda is also a land of contrasts and contradictions….

  • Home to the Source of the Nile, the world’s second longest river
  • Home to Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in the world
  • Home to almost half of the world’s remaining population of the mountain gorillas in the world
  • Home to the Rwenzori Mountains, few UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Ancient African Kingdoms including Buganda Kingdom which the 17 Century Explorers found among the highly centralised in Africa by then.

The “Ugandans Art Heart” website is the best resource for both Ugandans and visitors. This is the friendliest online guide to our home country! It is created by Ugandans and it a ‘labor of love’ for our motherland. Unlike the “big boys” you will find the right spellings of places given that it is published by the locals. Although we’re Ugandan at heart (and by blood!), you don’t have to be a Ugandan to get a taste of the country we love. Even out there in the world, there are many visitors who are now “Ugandans at Heart”!

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